So, I was doing AMAZINGLY well on my diet and was extremely proud of myself. Then, low and behold, I hear that it’s Monopoly time at McDonalds. Naturally, the minute I heard that, I did a U-turn (literally) and drove straight to the nearest Mc Donalds. So far, I’ve won a photo album from Shutterfly, and a free McFlurry. Tonight I got a Park Place, and I knew I had another blue piece in a drawer at home. I drove back from the beach trying to contain myself. Could I really have just won a million dollars?! Finally, I opened the drawer at home, pull out the dark blue beautiful slip of paper from McDonalds, prepared to call all of my dearest friends screaming and crying. It was just another Park Place. Either way, this (not so) close call with some (impossible) beautiful fate has convinced me that the stomach pains, migraines, and possible death that occurs between now and August 18th due to excessive large fries from McDonalds (they come with 4 game pieces!) will totally be worth it when I get a Boardwalk pice and a million dollars. I’ll be fat and my modeling career will come to a sudden halt, but you all just wait. I’ll win something awesome.
I’ve just publicly declared that my life has come to an all-time low.


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