Ppl need to remember that Cheezmeh is not one person, it is many. Someone bemoans “woman driver” while another says, “Men are pigs”. Cheezmeh is a GROUP of ppl devoted to making Brownsville a better place for its citizens. Cheezmeh has been on the news and on the radio in the short time since its inception. I believe OUR work will continue to be newsworthy as the ppl are TIRED, DAMN TIRED of getting the shaft. “This is why we can’t have nice things” is something you should hear from your mother, not your local government. If you are a member of this page then YOU are Brownsville Cheezmeh too.

Start thinking of yourself as one of those devoted to making this world a better place, ending corruption, unlittering, reporting what is wrong and fighting for what is right. We live in a GORGEOUS tropical paradise ppl would LOVE to visit but we get to live here. We are a BEAUTIFUL, bilingual, bi-cultural ppl. It is time to BE PROUD of who we are and where we live! I AM PROUD of all the beauty in the land and in all the ppl here. I AM PROUD AND I AM BROWNSVILLE CHEEZMEH!!

I’m going to the beach right now, gonna have a tea by the sea, gonna stop by and say hi to wonderful ppl I get to call friends and enjoy the sun, sand and surf. HOW MANY PPL get to do this? How many ppl are stuck in concrete jungles only dreaming of going to a beach “in a couple of years” “when they have enough money saved”. YOU GET TO LIVE HERE! APPRECIATE HOW BLESSED YOU ARE!!! Take pride in this place and help clean it up!! Hell, yeah, I am gonna unlitter at the beach because ONE person does make a difference. Imagine if a few joined in? WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! You live in a tropical paradise. Give thanks for that today. Give thanks for everything.

by Pat Hansen


1 thought on “Cheezmeh

  1. Jaime Rene Serna

    You are 100% rigth.when tou said that one person can make the difference, and I’m convinced of that, I had other plans for tomorrow, but those already changed by the time I finished reading your article, I will post a couple of pictures before and after my trip to the beach,and hope that I can be of lttle help doing my part.
    Thank you Pat.


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