Death of Cheez


All good things must come to an end. We have been on Facebook for they past 3 years and I have faith that we have made a difference in the lives of some. What more could anyone ask for? With all things there is a time of transition; a period of change. It is time for us to do the same. We must move forward and grow, less we become stagnant and stinky.

IN the time we have been on Facebook we have brought together a group of amazing individuals who together fought off Fly Frontera. We didn’t just post on the page or wrote concerning it on some blog, we actually went to City Commission meetings. We were challenged by a sitting mayor to a debate; where he looked as cool and collected as a fish out of water.

IN the time we have been on Facebook we found a candidate to run against an individual that was abusing his position every which way possible. He was a bully. A vindictive individual who thought he was untouchable. Despite the City placing obstacles to our candidate we managed to secure a write in slot on the ballot. On election day we celebrated the will and determination of a people united.

IN the time we have been on Facebook we have reunited pets with their loved ones at a rate that was unprecedented. There is no doubt that we were not only successful in bring together family loved ones, but also helping in adoption and fostering. We were made fun of by enemies and even some friends for doing things saying that we had “lost our way” in regards to standing in the community. Having lost a loved one, I knew that this part of the Cheez was just as important as stopping a bully or a con man from Dallas.

IN the time we have been here we have made friends and fallen in love with some amazing individuals in our community. We have participated in local events and fundraisers and have been a positive force in our community. But all good things must end. An ending is not necessarily a bad thing. Some times it is essential for continued growth and maturity. We have come to a point where we either grow or continue to alienate some and become insignificant to others. I am now and forever more the Cheez.


5 thoughts on “Death of Cheez

  1. Linda Hotcaveg

    With your success on FB I can only see this as an expansion to what you do. Wishing you the best in this endeavor.  God bless you today and always.

  2. Jaime Rene Serna

    It is a shame that I came to the cheeze world too late. Even though I did not like some of the comments left by some people, I was at the same time amazed by the wisdom and knowledge of others, the artful penmanship that was shared was second to none.
    BROWNSVILLE CHEEZME made facebook enjoyable again, being able to read about concerns,community problems, gossip (tell me of place where there is none) people questions about mundane things, that made scrolling down the answers list, a trip to the laughter bag, and sometimes motivated me to add my opinion and or solution.
    It was a great voyage and I thank you for the opportunity of letting me be part of it.
    Jaime Rene Serna

  3. Beatriz Garcia

    I have followed your fb page for about 2 yrs, I have seen this group grow at in unimaginable rate. I have witnessed all the wonderful work a community can do, by coming together through you and your vision. I thank you for bring a part of my everyday life and opening my eyes to things that go on in my community. I had the pleasure of meeting you and your lovely sister linda, and because of you all my mom was able to pay her rent with the jimmy tamales she made. I am very grateful with you all and even though it may not matter I support your decision on this new endeavor. Thank you for the time you have given us!


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