The Return of Popeye’s


For many years now, several fried chicken fast food restaurants across Cameron County have catered to residents’ appetites for juicy fried chicken. But by lunch and dinner time Monday, an old favorite was made a comeback here in our City of Brownsville.

Popeye’s opened this week in Brownsville at Boca Chica Blvd right next to Church’s Chicken, transforming what had been a closed down Wendy’s into the newest hot spot in our town.

Fried chicken lovers are cramming Popeye’s, where lines spill onto Boca Chica Blvd— tying up traffic — and stretch all the way inside the restaurant, which serves their Louisiana style friend chicken. 

Unlike other cities near the Texas-Mexico border, the Rio Grande Valley has been devoid of Popeye’s fried chicken, since January 10, 2007 when all the Popeye’s Chains across the valley closed at once, with a few that reopened as Church’s Chicken.

Popeye’s sued Church’s saying  that Church’s was breaking a franchise agreement that impeded the sale of Popeye’s locations.

Popeye’s would return to the Valley soon, after it lost its entire market share in an area where fast food restaurants are the highest in the country.

Church’s is still the Friend Chicken King locally, with more than 26 restaurants over Cameron and Hidalgo County.

Judging by how busy the restaurant is, local chicken lovers seem exited to have another option. Beyond their fried chicken, Popeye’s has other options like their Louisiana specialties, such as a few seafood items, red beans, and rice.

For many, it seems, the long line is worth the wait. Its seams that people are craving Popeye’s.

Anton Ego for Brownsville Cheezmeh


6 thoughts on “The Return of Popeye’s

  1. tepesco agatas

    just what the people of brownsville need more clogged arteries and children with diabetes , high cholesterol . wake up people when are you gonna realize the governtement is killing you all one by one . population control !!!

  2. Mama Testa

    They can never get rid of our raze. We reproduce more than cockroaches. We will take over the country

  3. Dee Jordan

    Glad to see Popeye’s back!
    BTW it’s not only fast food that is a factor for obesity; many of the items cooked at home have copious amounts of sugar and starch – the two main offenders in the obesity war.

  4. Gina Paz

    Too funny to me simply because we have quite a few Popeye’s without the crazy lines in San Antonio! ♥
    Also, what is going on with the typos I n this article? 🙂


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