“We read to know that we are not alone”


My 4-year-old boy had a friend over at my apartment yesterday. They were both very well behaved and the little boy showed great manners. This proved to me that you are not who your parents are. This boy despite his poor adult examples in life manages to be polite, well behaved, and caring. It was almost like watching a plant grow right through a concrete sidewalk. He was amazed at how many toys my child had and complete blown out of the water to see my son’s book collection. He later stated that he owns no books and his mother never reads to him. Saying and I quote “She only reads magazines with famous people on it” I was genuinely saddened by this, how is a child not read to by someone other than his teacher?!

A child’s first story shouldn’t be one his teacher reads to him along with 20 other children in a Pre-k classroom. The benefits from reading to a child are amazing! The more you read the more you fill their heads with child friendly ideas, creativity, and understanding. Keeping our children’s mind from wondering into the bad stuff this world has to offer lays in our hands. Everything our children are exposed to leads them to the adults they will soon become. Anything from Movies, TV series, music, and language exposed to, and even surrounding builds your child’s future. There is a time and age for everything!

Don’t cut their childhood short by allowing them to watch the wrong things and hear the wrong music. When your child is 10 and acting 18 you will be to blame. It’s not cute to hear a 5 year old sing along to Lil Wayne or a 7 year old girl shake her ass to some poor dance music. Children grow only as fast as we let them. Just a few benefits of reading to a child:

  • Helps to develop a child’s imagination from a young age
  • Reading aloud prepares the brain for language and encourages language development
  • Stimulates your child’s development
  • Bonding experience between the parent and child -Builds both a child’s listening skills and attention span
  • It helps to develop a child’s ability to express themselves clearly and coherently


by Alice Wonderland


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