El Jefe, La Jefa…

To all those who forget how your parents raised you and tended to every ache, pain, and meal while you grew up listen to this. Yesterday at Valley Regional at the emergency room a lady dropped off an old man. After being taken in the lady with two kids bugging her gets on her phone and calls her friend. She then goes off to say how she’s at the hospital “por que el pinche viejito fastidioso” was complaining. How he wanted to bring his walker but there was no way she was putting that shit in her car. How hopefully they kept him so she can just go home already. It was his provider.
These are the people you trust your elderly with. My grandpa was taken from me the day he had a stroke at Ring old park after we had a barbeque. We had planned a day of fishing that day but he kept telling me he really wanted a barbeque at the park. And we did, and I’m glad he had that before leaving us. No matter if we had to bring him along with his walker and walked him, made sure he wouldn’t fall.
Love your elderly for more then their monthly checks people. They’re human beings, they deserve that much.

7 thoughts on “El Jefe, La Jefa…

  1. Nina Trrs

    In my line of work I see much elderly abuse. Financial abuse. Older children that keep asking or taking the few bucks that social security leaves behind.

  2. Jennifer Nicole

    Reminds you think and check out who you get to help you out too… It very upsetting to hear things like this…

  3. Annette Hatcher

    Disgusting! I would give nearly everything I have to have my dad back. Taking him to weekly appointments, daily therapy sessions, shopping, out to eat, fishing, walking…those are some of my most cherished memories. The long talks and laughs we had were priceless.

    This woman will not know what she had until it is gone. Then she will have to live with the guilt of knowing how poorly she treated him.

    I hope this poor man has other family or loved ones that care for him and treat him better than that.

  4. Denise Dawn

    They bring us into this world, the least we can do is make sure to be there for them before its their turn to leave it.

  5. Daisy Martinez

    I also see this in my line of work and its sad. I don’t understand how family members can leave their parents with strangers. I wish there was a way to avoid it. Now a days the excuse is ” I am too busy”, ” I work a lot ” and endless excuses. Most of our parents worked very hard to bring us up to what we are today. Regardless of the situation and even most elderly had more than 6 children. This woman will one day be in need of her own children and then she will realize what she has done wrong.


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