Peluchin Revolution…


By Brownsville SPCA

With nearly every lost or found pet post on your page, comes the question, “Why so many lost pets?” There is no simple answer.

We’re seeing an alarming new trend. Pets are let out, whether intentionally or by a lack of supervision. Some are traced back, through a tag number or microchip to their residence, often in close proximity to where they are found. Contact with the owner is made and the owners are not willing or able to take their pet back. One of our latest rescues came when the owner declared, “I don’t want ‘it’ and I’m going to turn ‘it’ loose.” After a year with his owner, the dog didn’t even know his own name. Wandering the streets, they starve, fall victim to diseases and into the paths of vehicles.

Unaltered pets have an instinctual drive to breed. Males can detect the scent of a female in estrus at least a mile away and will follow, often escaping a sound enclosure. Many of the rescues on the streets are intact, so it’s reasonable to assume that is why they are at large.

Dogs are socially oriented and have a need to be around others, whether dogs or humans and they crave companionship. An unattended dog is a lonely dog and will seek others if the opportunity presents itself, like that loose gate or board you’ve been meaning to fix.

Dogs need training and daily exercise. When a dog has no door or recall training, they can bolt through an open door and keep running, especially when you pursue them. When you walk your dog through you neighborhood, he not only leaves his scent trail to follow back home if he ever gets loose, but he is mentally challenged, which tires him as much as the walk itself does. A tired dog is less likely to bolt or run away.

Dog theft is on the rise. Dogs are stolen for a variety of reasons. Dog flippers sell or trade stolen dogs, dog fighters steal to train fighting dogs with your stolen dogs or cats as bait animals. Stolen intact pets are used for breeding. Some are sold to science. Some are used for rituals and sickos (serial killers in the making). And there are those that are simply coveted by others.

The saddest of all, are the pets that are dumped miles from home for whatever or no reason. Only the few lucky ones make it to the attention of others. Only a few make it to our Facebook pages. Very few make it to safety.

If only the lost and found could speak, if only we could encourage everyone to put an ID on their pets, if only we could suddenly cause everyone to care, if only…


2 thoughts on “Peluchin Revolution…

  1. Jennifer Nicole

    animals need to be chipped and fixed… Dont get an animal if you are not ready or up for the responsibility. And people should be vigilant of neighborhood animals as well…


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