Fantasy Ocean

by Benjamin Alvarado

Over a fantasy ocean we dream
Water rising clowns emerge to draw us deeper
Sands corrupted we dance three thousand miles of life
Sunflowers with butterfly-wing petals flutter in our hands
Unicorn fish ride mermaids over blue waters
Angry Gods cry lava tears, drying oceans
Lovers ride electric typhoons across the lands
Amongst we find a moon-lit spot, splashing, for us
Sparkling icebergs filled by horse-headed octopuses
Gardens of flower hats, on cartoon lonely people’s head
Milky lights offer slow-motion Theater
Cellophane glass entertainers speak deaf alphabets
Monkey cupids fly over our twilight, bee-tails aiming

Strobe stars guide captains playing violin
Rubber submarines follow music like enemies
We float across mirror grass rising from the sea
Rabbit-sharks expose paths for hippos in wedding gowns
On a distant shimmering shoreline, ordinary waves
Porcelain lighthouses blaze cold fire
Horseflies gallop on ice-cream tides
Reflecting skies are painted night by mime artists
Our stone pictures hang from sting ray tails
We kiss melon-flavor kisses to remember illusions
Coral houses built on wrecked ships, to return and dwell
Candy cane lights lead us to exit
And in our fantasy ocean, we dream



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