Friends of Brownsville Cheezmeh



April 22, 2011 at 7:11am

Good day Brownsville Cheezmeh. If memory serves me correctly this is the first note I have written since we started coming together as a people. I thought it appropriate being that we have in the past two or so weeks experienced onslaught from within our community and from individuals residing in Dallas, Texas.

Our local government is broken. It is in need of massive overhaul and we have come together as a group to demand that our government abide by basic principle in what should be their “job description” and also to come to an understanding of position. Some have forgotten that an elected official is one who serves the community, not dictates over it. This is coming to an end, and most don’t like it.

The Dallas individuals are thugs who have used every dirty trick in the book to cause division and separation. It is these same individuals that were influential in previous BISD elections and also in trying to intimidate our city and county officials.  They have as of recent attempted to add more money to their coffers at the expense of our tax dollars here in Brownsville, we have stopped them from doing so. We hereby swear to the residents of Brownsville that Brownsville Cheezmeh will be vigilant and make sure that these ravenous dogs never again infiltrate our city. If our local elected officials will not stand up to these thugs, know that we will, and we will be victorious.

The cheez has been attacked and slandered by some of our local elected officials and these Dallas pieces of crap. Throughout our time together I have faith that we have come to know each other through our writings and our posts. I have personally spent long hours on the page hearing your voice. I spend countless hours talking to individuals privately on chat, answering each and every private message sent and reading each and every one of the thousands of posts. If Brownsville Cheezmeh has evolved into what it is now it is because you have asked for it to be so. Brownsville Cheezmeh is not going anywhere.

Brownsville Cheezmeh remains true to its calling; it is not about the ONE, it is about the MANY. In any group the need for organization is vital to its success. This morning I read a post on one of our friends blogs where it had been initialed BC. Please note that I will NEVER post on any of our friends blogs out of respect to their writers. We have been attacked by most, if not all, and even so I deem their existence vital and necessary. With the exception of carebrownsville which is sponsored by these same Dallas thugs.

We are approaching elections and will hereby declare that as of this date Brownsville Cheezmeh has not endorsed ANY of our mayoral candidates. With that said, if we deem it necessary to do so for the greater good of our community, as is the case with Commissioner race for District 2, we will surely do so. We have also come to the realization that our current mayor needs not be our Mayor after May 14th. As of this date we have not found it necessary to do endorse one candidate over others, but will reserve the right to do so in the upcoming weeks. We have come together in Bringing Brownsville Change to bring accountability and transparency to our city.

Thank you for being here, thank you for your words of encouragement and love expressed. I stand by your side and remain now and evermore your servant. I am Brownsville Cheezmeh.


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